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Chaitanya D. Bhosale

The founder of V Fitness Club, Chaitanya is a certified fitness coach, Sports Nutritionist and a fitness enthusiast himself. Being in the field of fitness consulting for more than a decade Chaitanya has helped numerous people to achieve their fitness goals. Be it athletes looking forward for strength & conditioning, rehab or professionals looking out for general physical preparedness.

Chaitanya himself is a vivid athlete who has been associated with various sports viz. Trail Running, Obstacle Course Race, Power Lifting, Kettlebell Lifting, Swimming. He has conducted various corporate fitness seminars & workshops.


Experience True Fitness

Fitness is rightly called as the journey and not the destination! Here at V Fitness, we emphasize on achieving fitness goals based on proper scientific principles. Strength training is the key solution when it comes to Fat Loss, Strength Gain, Improving Body Composition, Posture Correction and many more !

Every workout is based keeping into consideration not the 'want' but the 'need' of our member. Workouts and exercises are never gender biased !

Lift Based Strength Training

We firmly believe in the principle of functional carryover of strength that is developed inside the gym onto the actual world. Thus, our focus lies majorly lies on the compound / power / lifts / structural movements that demand highest efforts on body and has highest functional carryover onto our day to day lives. All the compound movements viz. Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Rows, Olympic Lifts, Overhead Lifts greatly help in improving our posture, musculature, body composition, injury prevention and overall well being.



Crossfit now for sure is the buzz word, but it also has a legacy. We highly encourage our members for experiencing crossfit to it's purest form. Be it aerobic or anaerobic components we create a workout where in the optimal combination of both can be done!

Working out injury free requires learning of form and technique with the correct bio-mechanics of each exercise. We give due emphasis on form and technique of each and every exercise/lift that we prescribe for crossfit sessions.

Special Population

We strongly believe, fitness is not just limited to healthy individuals but to a wide group of people with medical ailments who require a very discrete approach. Many of the special conditions can be improved with proper training and nutrition.

--> Training for Elderly People
--> Diabetes & Hypertension
--> Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy
--> Osteoporosis & Arthritis
--> Accident & Surgical Rehabilitation
--> Sports Rehabilitation
--> Individuals with Mobility Issues

We have dedicated training & nutrition programs customized for each of the special population cases.


pre, peri & post pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the critical time in the life of a woman. This is the time when she requires strength to carry herself and added weight of the fetus. Weakness and mobility issues in major weight bearing joints can cause pain in lower back and other parts of body. We design scientifically safe exercise and nutrition regime which helps to increase energy, lower body pain, improve posture, elevate mood, regulate sleep, decrease labor pain.

Getting back in shape along with achieving the strength and stamina back after pregnancy is also a key aspect of fitness coaching which we take upon at V Fitness Club.


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